This GVW Parts Policy and Procedures for Distributors (“Policy”), provided by GVW, LLC and its parts affiliates (collectively “GVW”), is intended to assist Dealer/Distributor (“Distributor”) in understanding GVW’s policies and procedures on the purchase and sale of parts and accessories.  This Policy may be updated from time to time.

  1. Terms of Sale. 
    Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by GVW:  (i) GVW retains the right and title to all parts and accessories sold until GVW is paid in full; and (ii) the risk of loss or damage on all parts and accessories will transfer to Distributor F.O.B. GVW’s location.  
  2. Payment Terms
    GVW will invoice Distributor for purchases of parts and accessories at the time GVW releases such parts and accessories to the shipper or common carrier for delivery.  Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by GVW, full payment is due upon invoice, payable by wire transfer or credit card.  Distributor has no right of set-off, and no deduction of any amount will be made without GVW’s written approval. 
  3. Pricing
    The price of parts and accessories will be Distributor Net in effect at the time of shipment.  Pricing on stocked parts and accessories is available via GVW’s online Information System.  GVW maintains the right to adjust pricing from time to time, in its sole discretion, in reaction to market dynamics, competition, and changes to cost of goods.
  4. Order Classifications.
    1. Stock Orders. Stock orders are customary replenishment orders for parts and accessories for which GVW retains a stock of inventory at its distribution facility.  Stock orders received by GVW by 3:00 PM CST usually ship the next workday.  Stock orders ship to the authorized Distributor’s location on file with GVW. 
    2. Backorders.  Backorders determined by GVW to be qualifying stock orders will be shipped freight prepaid by GVW when the Part or Accessory becomes available.
    3. Direct Shipments From Factory or Supplier.  GVW reserves the right to have certain parts and accessories shipped directly to the Distributor by a third-party manufacturer.  Direct shipments may be subject to service charges for which Distributor is required to pay. 
  5. Delivery. 
    In the event of any loss or damage incurred to parts and accessories during delivery, Distributor will be responsible for filing necessary claims with the shipper or common carrier as applicable.  In no event will GVW be responsible for any delays to delivery, damage, or loss caused by third-party shippers or common carriers.
  6. Freight Charges
    Stock orders for parts and accessories totaling $600 or more (other than orders for engines, transmissions, and axle assemblies) will be shipped by GVW via ground transportation, freight prepaid.  All freight and delivery charges on stock orders for parts and accessories less than $600 (and for orders for engines, transmissions, and axle assemblies) will be invoiced to, and paid by, Distributor.  The shipping method and Carrier used will be at the discretion of GVW.
  7. Order Change/Cancellation Policy.
    1. Normal Stocking Items.  Distributors may change or cancel stock orders that have not yet begun processing.  Distributor will incur a ten percent (10%) restocking fee on any stock order Distributor wishes to cancel and for which GVW has started to process. 
    2. Non-Stock Items.  Orders for non-stock parts and accessories may be cancelled by a Distributor if, in the case of special manufactured items, cancellation takes place before the item is manufactured or, in the case of non-special manufactured items, cancellation takes place before the item is shipped to GVW or Distributor.  In the event GVW incurs charges and or restocking fees by a supplier or factory due to Distributor’s cancellation, Distributor will be responsible for such charges and or restocking fees.
  8. Defective New Parts and Accessories.
    1. Claims.  All claims made by Distributor to GVW for defective new parts and accessories are to be submitted to GVW on an approved GVW claim form.  Distributor must contact GVW for the claim form, warranty details, instructions on completing the form, and other terms and conditions that apply to the claims process.  GVW will accept no claim for defects on any part or accessory having a sale price of $10.00 or less.  GVW will accept no claim for defects on any part or accessory having been damaged by shop wear, handling, modification or attempted modification by Distributor, misuse, or is otherwise not eligible for claim or return (e.g., sold “as is” or no longer under warranty).
    2. Credits.  GVW will inspect claimed parts and accessories prior to issuing the Distributor any credit.  For parts and accessories found to be defective, GVW will issue a credit in the amount originally paid by Distributor for such part or accessory.
  9. Defective Replacement Parts and Accessories.  
    Claims involving defective parts and accessories used in the repair of trucks still under a new truck OEM warranty are covered according to the terms of the underlying warranty.  Part and accessories purchased for service and or over-the-counter sales from GVW and its parts affiliates are covered by the warranty, if any, provided to Distributor at the time of purchase.  Warranties on parts and accessories purchased for service and or over-the-counter sales may or may not include a warranty.  Please call GVW or the territory sales representative for questions concerning defects, related warranties, and processing claims.
  10. Return of Parts and Accessories Ordered in Error.
    1. GVW Errors.  All parts and accessories delivered to Distributor in error by GVW may, upon proper completion of a return authorization form, be returned to GVW within 30 days from receipt of return goods authorization form for credit so long as such part and or accessory is returned in its original and unused factory condition.
    2. Distributor Errors.  Stock order parts and accessories ordered in error by a Distributor may be returned to GVW within 30 days from receipt of return goods authorization form for credit so long as such part and or accessory is returned in the original and unused factory condition (subject to GVW Annual Parts Return Policy). Distributor will be charged a 15% restocking fee on the amount so returned. Non-stock parts and accessories, including special manufactured items, ordered in error by Distributor are not eligible for return.  
  11. Minimum Claim.
    Parts and accessories with a sales price of $10.00 or less are not eligible for return.
  12. Core Return Program
    1. GVW Customers can be notified of their core eligibility monthly if they request
      for their account to be set up that way.  Please contact our Core Return Coordinator
      to have this setup at corereturns@gvwparts.com.
      1. Customers can request their eligibility at any time during the month by
        sending a request in through their sales representative or by contacting the Core
        Return Coordinator via the email address corereturns@gvwparts.com.
      2. Monthly eligibility is sent out by region on the 1st (West Region Customers),
        10th (Central Region Customers), and 20th (East Region Customers) of every month.
        In the business days following these evets, customers doing their regularly scheduled core
        returns will be the first to have their requests for returns scheduled.
    2. Customers are allowed to make a core return one time each calendar month.
      1. Arrangements for additional returns can be negotiated in return for high volume
        and frequency of purchases.
      2. All cores expire 365 days from purchase.
    3. To initiate a core return:
      1. Download the core eligibility report that is emailed to you.
      2. Update column “C” with the amount of each core class that you would like to return.
      3. Save the file with your return amounts and the send to corereturns@gvwparts.com

      The Core Return Coordinator will contact you to set up your return.  Please be advised that pickup requests need to be made at least one day after the request so that we have time to schedule out the carriers.

      Once your return has been inspected at our core facility we will credit your account the amount of the eligible return.  All ineligible cores will be communicated to the customer for disposition.  Ineligible cores can be returned freight collect to the customer or scrapped.
  13. GVW Annual Parts Return Policy. 
    For each year, Distributor may return a fixed percentage of Distributor’s Qualifying Purchases—to be returned by Distributor within the Return Window and in such Return Percentages as defined below—provided that the Distributor’s Qualifying Purchases meet or exceed an original purchase value of $50,000. 
    1. Qualifying Purchases.  Distributor’s Qualifying Purchases are defined as purchases of parts and accessories made by Distributor from GVW that: (i) were purchased as stock orders; (ii) were purchased and paid for during the preceding twelve (12) month period only; and (iii) DO NOT include any of the items in paragraph 12.c below.
    2. Return Percentage.  If Distributor’s Qualifying Purchases: are between $50,000 to $100,000, the Return Percentage is 4% of the actual value of Qualifying Purchases; exceed $100,000, the Return Percentage is 7% of the actual value of Qualifying Purchases. 
    3. Items Not Subject to Return.  The following items may not be returned by Distributor:  (i) parts that are not in factory condition and not saleable; (ii) parts that were not purchased directly from GVW Parts; (iii) parts not listed in GVW Parts then-current price list; (iv) parts taken from kits, assemblies, or new chassis; (v) parts for which Distributor is seeking to return a quantity of less than the applicable standard case pack; (vi) chemical parts, fluids, paints, batteries, and glass; (vii) parts or other items purchased on a direct ship option; (viii) parts that Distributor has not made an attempt to purchase within two years of the Return Window; (xi) parts with a DN less than $45.00 USD; (x) electronic components configured upon a vehicle serial number; and (xi) parts or items noted as non-returnable at the time of sale. 
    4. Return Window.  Distributor will be assigned a quarter within the year (“Return Window”) wherein it is eligible to return its Return Percentage of Qualifying Purchases.  In the first week of its Return Window, and should the Distributor’s Qualifying Purchases meet or exceed $50,000, the Distributor will be notified of its available return allowance.  GVW Parts will calculate the return allowance by adding all Qualifying Purchases of Distributor and applying the appropriate Return Percentage according to paragraph 12.b above. 
    5. Return Authorization.  Once notified of its return allowance, the Distributor will have thirty (30) days within which to provide to GVW a complete list of parts they would like to return.  Lists provided after this time will not be eligible for return.
      • Upon receipt of the request, GVW will review and give the Distributor authorization to return products that are eligible for return.  Distributor will have thirty (30) days from the date of authorization to return the parts.  Returns received after thirty (30) days may be returned freight collect to the Distributor.  Distributor must include the return paperwork with the shipment to GVW.  Parts must be returned to GVW freight prepaid.
      • GVW will provide paperwork for the return of the parts. The paperwork will include all part numbers eligible for return, the quantity, and instructions as to where the parts should be shipped.
      • Parts returned which were not on the authorized list or are not in saleable condition will be returned to the Distributor, freight collect, and assessed a $20 per line fee.  Parts returned which are not in original packaging will be repackaged by GVW and the credit to the Distributor will be reduced by the cost of packaging.
    6. Credit for Returns.  Credit for returns will be issued at 90% of the price paid for the parts unless the Distributor provides GVW with a double offsetting order – an order with a value of two (2) times the value of the return.  The offsetting order must be for Common and/or Match Made parts.  If a double offsetting order is received at the time the Distributor presents their parts list for return, the Distributor will receive full value paid for the parts returned.
    7. Distributor must properly package the parts to minimize the opportunity for damage in transit.  Distributor will be liable for damage caused during transit. 
    8. If the parts are returned in more than one box/skid, contents contained in each box/skid need to be clearly called out on the paperwork as well as on each box/skid.

Any questions concerning this Policy should be directed to the Customer Care Manager at GVW at 1-866-878-5980.

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